Make Your Ex Boyfriend Yours Again

"It's over." Those are the two words that most women fear to hear from their boyfriends. These two simple words can inflict pain that is so great, no medicine can cure it. The only thing that can possibly cure the pain is getting back the man you love.

Don't panic, help can be found in a simple book.

There are strategies and tips that you need to follow in order to get your ex boyfriend back.

Here to help you with the correct things to do and say to get your ex boyfriend back is Matt Huston's latest e-book, Get Him Back Forever.

This book uses real life examples that readers can easily relate to it. The tips and strategies used are easy to implement, that in no time, you'll get your ex boyfriend back.

You need to nudge your ex boyfriend in the right direction without coming on too strong for him. You have to be persuasive but not too pushy, otherwise you might risk pushing him away instead!

The balance of getting something you want without pushing too hard is explained well in the book. This is crucial and solid advice for anyone who wants to get their boyfriend back.

If you can convince you ex boyfriend that you are the perfect girl for him, you will greatly increase your chances of getting him back for good. This is possible with Matt Huston's Get Him Back Forever.

Discover the secret ingredient of how to get your ex boyfriend back forever with this amazing book. It will teach you all of the things you need to do in order to create a happy and healthy relationship. You will learn the do's and don'ts with this handy dandy book.

This life saving book has help women from all corners of the world reconnect with the love they lost with their ex boyfriends.

For the incredibly low price of $39 USD, you too can get your own copy of this amazing book! Discover the secret recipe to a healthy relationship with Matt Huston's e-book, Get Him Back Forever. See how you can easily get your ex boyfriend back. Download your own copy now!

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Why Women Play Head Games With Men

If you've tried to get numbers from enough women, you'll notice that on occasion, one will give you an excuse NOT to give it to you.

Does that seem familiar?

"Why don't you give me yours, and I'll call you instead"

"I don't give out my number"

"I lost my phone and my number is disconnected and the dog ate my homework and there was an accident..."

I think you get the picture.

But the funny thing is, later on, if you impress them enough, they will actually OFFER you their number! So why is this? Why do women play head games when you ask for their number?

Understand that women get a LOT of guys asking for their contact information. Because of this, women need to have ways of quickly filtering through and disqualifying the unacceptable candidates.

They need quick, easy ways to figure out if you're either the real deal or a wuss that gives up at the first sign of resistance.

So, here are a few things to remember:

1) Attractive women are approached all the time by men, and are constantly being asked for their number.

2) If you were a woman who is getting asked for your phone number forty seven times a day, you'd probably make excuses yourself.

3) The excuses and "Why don't you give me yours" type responses weed out about 95% of the losers that have no spine and no persistence.

Whatever you do, don't be the type of guy who just gives into these lame ways women test you. If you're READY for this type of thing in advance, and you KNOW what you're going to say and do when it happens, AND you don't answer with a lame, needy response, you increase your chances of getting the number DRAMATICALLY.

So what should you do when a woman pulls this type of thing with you?


Nothing puts women in a more awkward position than when a man calls her on her lies. This is a great way to build respect and make yourself stand out from the other losers who approach her.

Saying something as simple as:

"C'mon, don't give me that. Just write it down. I promise not to call you 10 times a day."

It's shocking how well these responses work in these situations. They'll allow you to continue strong and improve your results.

Let's face it: Attractive women get a lot of attention. They're not looking for a guy that throws himself at her, and then gives up easily. They're looking for a guy that has all kinds of self confidence, and sees right through her games... to the point where he disarms her and walks away with the digits.

So be that guy!

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Free Online Dating Sites: The Pros And Cons

If you've tried online dating, I'm sure this scenario is familiar to you:

You find a great site - aesthetically pleasing, and the pictures of the female members are rather enticing. You start looking around more and begin to think "this place is pretty good!" So you create a profile, write a letter to a nice looking woman, hit send, and...

They want you to pay for it.

It's probably not a lot of money, but you can see the issue. Some sites won't let you even browse without laying down a credit card. Others tease you like the one above, allow you to the door then slam it in your face.

The reason for this is pretty obvious. These pay dating sites are taking advantage of the fact that this is a HUGE industry. The amount of traffic dictates that you have a valuable commodity. Someone finally slapped a price tag on it.

What do you do about this? Well, the good news is that there are quite a few FREE dating sites out there. That's right, not a penny to join.

There are some other wonderful upsides to these sites, and some downsides too though. I'll show you the perks and show you how to deal with the issues.

One of the better perks is that you can see EVERYONE on these sites. All the pictures, and you can get a feel about someone without having to jump through hoops.

The down side of this is that there is a LOT of bad profiles. Many that don't have pictures, or have pictures that are either old, or fake. Since these fakers can set up as many free profiles as they want, they tend to do a lot of them. Why? There are a multitude of reasons, but only a few apply here. Don't worry about that now, let's focus on how to deal with the issue.

The primary way to deal with this is to be specific in what you are looking for, first and foremost.

Are you partial to redheads? Then search for redheads only, to start. It's always a good idea to start with specifics, then move on up with generalizations. One thing to always look for is the option for profiles with pictures only.

Next, if a picture seems like it's a bit too professional, then there is a decent chance it is fake. If looks like a picture from a magazine, and there aren't any normal life pictures accompanying it, then it's probably a fake profile.

The last thing to watch for are solicitations. Rule of thumb: if they want you to leave the site, or email them off of it, then forget it.

You should be able to weed out the good from the bad easily, with some practice. This is important, as you don't want to spend too much time having to weed through the multitude of profiles you encounter.

That brings me to another issue- high traffic means high competition. If a profile of a very attractive woman goes up, rest assured she'll get bombarded with emails, more than she can read. She'll be able to set some high standards. Don't fret though, you can come out ahead of the curve, if you understand what to say.

The key is to get her attention fast. First and foremost, have a picture. Period. No picture, no response, I can guarantee you this.

Next, you need to quickly catch her attention with what you've written, and not appear typical. See my website for more information.

Make sure to mind your manners as well. Although I HOPE this should be obvious, I can guarantee you that a classy woman isn't going to want to date some guy who starts off with a lewd solicitation.

Heeding the above should allow you to separate yourself from the first wave of riffraff she'll encounter.

Beyond that, do not get discouraged if you get turned down. Sites like these are all a numbers game. Just keep going out there and plugging away.

So which free sites are good? It's always changing. I have done well with I have friends who like as well. Just do a search, and if the site seems legit, give it a whirl!

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Saving the World With Sex

What constitutes a perfect partner? What attributes make up the best partners and how do couples make relationships last for decades upon decades? We've all seen that perfect happy mature couple who have been together for over fifty years, have a healthy and vital relationship, and are incredibly content with each other.

Let's try and figure that out. Do you have to rely on pure luck? Does that person exist? How do you go about finding that person or keeping your relationship healthy and strong? We all want to have a happy life with our partners, don't we?

So, what helps to make a relationship strong? You have doubts, you have obstacles in your way like work schedules, mother-in-laws, children, etc. Start with these two key characteristics to keep or get your relationship successful: attentiveness and listening. It may seem a bit obvious to you, and incredibly easy, but they're actually critical to help maintain a healthy relationship over the years. We all fall into the trap of taking things for granted and that makes our partners feel neglected at times.

Listen to your's as simple as that. Don't just hear what they are saying, actually listen, understand, and absorb the information you are being given and use it to strengthen your bond and grow closer to your partner. People drop a lot of hints about what they like and, more importantly, what they dislike; they almost unconsciously reveal what they want, prefer, or desire and it is up to you to pick up on these clues and use them.

Being an attentive lover will clue you into your partner's rhythms and cycles. It will get you in tune with each other and, hence, make lovemaking a more rewarding and intimate experience for you both. Many people forget the fact that if your lover is happy and satisfied they will make it a priority to ensure that the same is happening for you. What can be better for the longevity of a relationship and the general happiness of both partners than exciting and fulfilling sexual experiences?

I am no scientist or doctor, however, the people I know who are in a healthy and successful relationship look younger, act younger, usually live longer. They have smiles on their faces, their eyes are bright and shiny, and their skin seems to glow. And remember this, sex is a cardiovascular activity, so the more you do it the better shape you'll be in.

It is a known fact that during intercourse our heart rates increase and in turn increased circulation occurs. Burning calories and fat, while we are having a great time. Keep that in mind when keeping your relationship flowing and moving towards your goal. Keeping your sex life in tune will keep you in tune, make us happier and healthier along the way. What a wonderful world it could be.

So, take a step back, do yourself a big favor, listen to your partner, listen in-between the lines, listen to what they are not saying. Keep their wants and needs, their desires in mind. Keeping a lover satisfied is a great way toward health and happiness!

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Surprise Her Romantically

Trying to come up with a terrific idea, a unique gift or surprise for your significant other? Want to make them feel extra special and feel really wanted? Want to make them remember that you do really appreciate them and don't take them for granted? Try the little things, remembering after all the little things do count. Little treats which can help brighten their day. Throw them a little romantic ball to catch them off of their guard, but say you care.

I know it sounds cliche but it sounds that way for a reason. These things really work and are great ways to show your partner how much you care, love, and cherish them. Don't worry about being sappy or a little too much. It okay to express yourself and be sincere and to have that passion for your lover. Never hide it or dampen it embrace it, nourish it, and allow it to grow. Use everything at your disposal to build a strong, healthy, and long lasting intimate relationship between your and you partner.

Put a reminder of how much you love your partner in their lunch before they go to work. This way when they are tired and hungry and sit down for a rest at the office the first things they see when they open their lunch is a treat from you. It is guaranteed to put a smile on their face and brighten their day just a little bit. Not to mention if you make the treat something that implies a romantic rendez vous when they get home you also guarantee that they will be thinking about you for a lot longer than just over their lunch break.

You can even add a little extra something, not just a romantic note, but how about a little massage oil sampler, you know, those little sample bottles they have? Go ahead, don't be shy, tell them you're thinking of them through your day and hope they are thinking of you as well with this little romantic surprise package. Tells them you want a little extra pampering when they return home, and you want to pamper them as well. Tape your romantic note to the oil bottle and tell them what you are anticipating for later on in the evening with them.

Be careful with this one though because he, or she, may be a bundle of sexual energy when they arrive home so be prepared for the monster you created. Embrace the passion and fill your evening with making each other feel sensational and loved. You will be amazed at how the power of suggestion will spice up your nights and fill them full of intimacy. To prepare for the spicy occasion, set up your room to make it as pleasing to the senses as possible.

Enhance the ambiance and mood with any number of great romantic gift products designed for you and your partner. My personal set of amazing product comes in Kama Sutra Earthly Delights gift set and truly give the impression and sets the mood for what I an trying to achieve with my lover. With products such as Kama Sutra's Original Oil of Love, Spearmint Pleasure Balm, French Vanilla Body Souffle, Honeysuckle Honey Dust, and Sweet Almond Massage Oil, you will never find yourself short on ideas or ways to get your lover feeling turned on and sensual.

Kiss and tease your partner and lick or blow on their body to increase arousal and passion. Take turns pleasing each other and allow yourselves to enjoy the moment you have created. Freely give and and allow yourself to receive pleasure so that you both fully are able to appreciate one another.

Remember, use the power of suggestion to get inside your partner's head even if he or she is as far away as work. Send little suggestive treats in their lunch to remind them of what's waiting for them at home and what could be in their near future should they rush home. Send aromatic reminders in the form of massage oil samplers in their favorite scent and write a little note or love letter to pique their imagination and libido. Then, be prepared for when they arrive with a carefully thought out and arranged room filled with everything you will need for a wonderful night of lovemaking and intimacy.

Clear your schedules and make the night about you. These nights will strengthen your love life and your relationship, not to mention, be a blast and a whole lot of fun! Nights likes these will allow you to reconnect with one another if you have lost touch because of busy careers, the kids, or other stresses and time restraints. If you want your relationships to last you must make time for it in your lives and that means setting time aside and planning intimate activities you both can enjoy.

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Exploring The Myth Of Looks

One of the biggest issues I have to deal with when it comes to my students is the idea that they are too ugly to attract women.

It's an insecurity that comes in all sorts of masks. Some examples:

Some guys think they're too old.

Some think they're too fat.

Some think they're too short.

Some think they're too ugly.

Because of this, these men feel they are helpless when it comes to getting the kind of woman they desire.

But lucky for all of us - this simply isn't the case.

I want to take a moment and dispell a few attraction myths that hold men back from achieving success in their love life.

Myth #1 - You have to be good looking to get women.

All you have to do is look around at the various types of guys in this world who are dating gorgeous women to know that this isn't the case.

Something to remember: It's not important to be good looking. It IS, however, important to look good!

The difference?

In a sense, you can't make yourself "good looking". Unless you have some contortionist abilities with your face, or gazillions to spend on plastic surgery. You can EASILY control how you present yourself though. Your clothing, grooming, hairstyle, etc. They all play a part of that.

All these appearance factors contribute to "looking good."

Even the most average looking guy can be attractive when he takes control of his appearance.

Myth #2 - Women Think Like Men Do

It's natural to assume that everyone else in the world sees things the same way you see them.

For instance - If you've ever had a pimple on your forehead that felt so big, it was like everyone could see it. But the pimple was under the skin, and in reality, no one but you could tell it was there.

To you, it was clear as day. To everyone else, it was hardly noticable.

When it comes to appraising other people, this methodology is typically applied. You judge a woman based on how she looks, right? You're able to size a woman up visually and determine whether or not you find her attractive, correct?

So naturally, you assume women are going to size you up the same exact way.


A woman is going to have a different set of criteria for determining what attracts them to us than we do to them. Sure, the physical plays a part of that, but it's far less important for them than it is us.

A woman bases her attraction more on how a man makes her feel, rather than how he looks. Hence, they are attracted to self confidence and high social standing. She'll love a man who makes her laugh, and appreciate a man who is good at what he does. These things are as important, or more so, than looks!

Myth #3 - Women See What Makes Us Insecure

Understand that we know ourselves better than anyone else ever will. We are able to pick out every single flaw there is about ourselves - our big ears, big nose, weak chin, receeding hairline...

No matter what it is, we see it!

And because we see it, we assume everyone else does too. But the fact is, most people aren't very observant, and unless they specifically look for something to criticize you about, they're not going to care about your insecurities, whatever they may be.

A lot of guys try and dismiss their insecurities by calling attention to it, as if to try and "diffuse" whatever it is they feel is ugly about them. But all this does is draw the woman's attention to this insecurity, and only at that point do people notice it.

And insecurity is always UNattractive.

It's important, in every situation, that you always focus on the good stuff about you, instead of your shortcomings, and have the positives outshine the negatives.

Myth #4 - Good Looking Guys Have It Easy

This is a huge, prevalent myth that most men believe. It's just assumed - if you are good looking, you'll attract good looking mates.

Good looking guys have their own struggles with women. Sure, being physically attractive helps them initially, but in the long run, they have the same issues other men have.

Attraction is tantamount to amplifying the emotion a woman feels while she's around you, and then have those same emotions become associated with you specifically, in her eyes. That way, you'll become the source of them.

If a man matches a woman's physical type, she'll gravitate to him because those features make her feel good. But if the guy is boring, or a jerk, or just not compatible, those feelings will go away.

However, if you take a guy that the woman maybe isn't initially physically attracted to, and then have him make her experience feelings of fun, excitement, and pleasure - she WILL become attracted to him eventually.

This is the fundamental concept of attraction - when you make other people feel good, they will want to be around you.

You don't have to be a good guy to make women feel good! You just need to know how to interact with them.

But the second aspect to this equation is physical attraction.

This is where, in addition to making people feel good, you also turn them on.

And this is where seduction comes in.

When you begin to lead a woman down the path of attraction, even if you don't look like Brad Pitt, she's going to begin to see you in a whole new light - despite any of the shortcomings you may think you have.

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